Australian Labour Market Career Investigation Report 代寫

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    Australian Labour Market Career Investigation Report 代寫

    Career Investigation Report
    1. Task Description
    This task requires you to write a report which evaluates career opportunities within the Australian Labour Market, and develop a job seeking plan based on these findings. Your evaluation must be relevant to your degree/ current area of study. 
    For most professionals, regardless of their career stage, understanding job opportunities and career options available to them is important. The purpose of this task is for you to assess career opportunities within the current labour market with a specific focus on your target industry.
    2. Task Instructions
    To complete your report, you must conduct research into the following areas:
    a. Analyse how current trends in the Australian Labour Market will affect career opportunities in your target industry. Areas for suggested research include but are not limited to: national and state information, current employment and unemployment figures, impacts of technology and competition in the labour market.
    b. Research two additional industries you could work in with your new degree qualification, and identify one occupation (per industry) that may be suitable for you. Evaluate and explain why these industries and occupations are viable options for your career path based on labour market research and your current area of study. The two industries you select must be different to the target industry you identified in Part A.

    Australian Labour Market Career Investigation Report 代寫 
    c. Identify three industry-specific recruitment agencies and describe what resources and opportunities they offer candidates. Evaluate their value to you as a job seeker.
    d. Evaluate the intercultural challenges facing you as an international student. How might this impact future career opportunities in Australia?
    e. Recommendations. Based on your research and analysis in sections a) – d) state which occupation and organisation you are most interested and outline a creative job seeking plan for this.
    3. Key elements of assessment
    The student will be expected to:
    1. Follow the report structure outlined below including executive summary, introduction, body, conclusion, appropriate formatting, use of headings, sub headings.
    2. Make connections to key concepts covered in lectures (such as SMART Goals, The Australian Labour Market, The Hidden Job Market, etc).
    3. Use clear, relevant and recent information to discuss labour market and career options in your industry (Research).
    4. Use credible and appropriate information that demonstrates research using relevant resources (government websites and reports, journal articles, text books, lectures etc).
    5. Cite and include in a reference list ALL secondary resources using the Harvard Referencing System.
    6. Write concisely within the given word limit.
    7. Write in a professional format using appropriate business language.
    8. Write legibly, with a focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation and readability.
    4. Report Structure
    Use the following report structure:
    1. Title Page
    2. Contents Page
    3. Executive Summary
    4. Introduction
    5. Body:
    a. Australian labour market trends for XXXX industry
    b. Career opportunities in the XXXX and XXXX industry
    c. Recruitment agencies in my industry
    d. Intercultural challenges
    e. Recommendations: creative job seeking plan
    6. Conclusion
    7. Reference List
    8. Appendix (if applicable)
    5. Other Information
    Length: 2000 – 2500 words.
    Your word limit EXCLUDES executive summary, appendix and reference list.

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